Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Army Emergency Relief

Army Emergency Relief, or AER, is a private non-profit charity incorporated by the Army in 1942. It provides emergency financial assistance to soldiers and their families. In 30 years in the Army I commanded many soldiers, and I saw AER provide them with desperately needed help innumerable times. The Army is carrying the heaviest burden in our war on terror, and many of our soldiers need your help. Contributing to AER is a great way to support them and their families. And it makes you feel good! Go to the AER website at


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You can donate online to Army Emergency Relief, and many other charities, at or They are the same site, but the first is easier to remember. :-) -Richard

10:35 AM, December 15, 2004  
Blogger Gindy said...

Thanks for the response.

5:26 PM, December 16, 2004  
Blogger Luc said...

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7:23 AM, January 05, 2005  

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