Monday, October 25, 2004

Why a Blog?

For a couple of years I've been sending things I thought were interesting, usually along with comments, to a rather lengthy list of friends. After a while, a few people politely let me know that they would just as soon be off the list. I finally realized that I had become a spammer of sorts, clogging the e-mail accounts of friends with junk they didn't necessarily want!

Since I didn't want to stop pontificating and waving red flags when I find things that are particularly insightful or outrageous, I finally figured out that a blog would be the best solution. I get to scratch the writing itch without imposing on my friends, and they can read my thoughts and comment if they wish. Or not.

Being somewhat technically challenged, I picked the least complicated blogging service and used their standard solutions as much as possible. Maybe, as time goes on, I'll learn how to fine-tune this thing. Or not.

So, welcome, and I'll always appreciate your comments and feedback!


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