Sunday, November 28, 2004

Intellectual Diversity

George Will writes in the Washington Post about the appalling lack of intellectual diversity in American universities, quoting statistics that show their leftist bias. He concludes,

Many campuses are intellectual versions of one-party nations -- except such nations usually have the merit, such as it is, of candor about their ideological monopolies. In contrast, American campuses have more insistently proclaimed their commitment to diversity as they have become more intellectually monochrome.

They do indeed cultivate diversity -- in race, skin color, ethnicity, sexual preference. In everything but thought.

One particularly insidious aspect of these narrow-minded institutions of higher learning is they produce the intellectually limited teachers who attempt to indoctrinate children in our schools to think as they do. That's why, for example, the Declaration of Independence is banned because it mentions God, homosexuality is equated with heterosexuality, and Islam is placed on the same cultural level as Christianity.

Lest anyone think I'm a right-wing, Christian, race baiting, homophobic Republican, as ultra-liberals are wont to label people who deviate from their orthodoxy, let me point out that I'm not religious and a slightly left-of-center Democrat. At least, I was until the leftist crazies stole the Democratic Party from folks like me. It would bother me just as much if our universities were producing teachers who attempt to indoctrinate children with extreme right-wing ideas.

What do we do about it? Among the various solutions, perhaps the best is to hit them in their wallets. Before you contribute to your alma mater, or any other educational institution, try to find out if they make any effort to promote intellectual diversity. If they don't, keep your money and let them know why they're not getting a check from you. If this happens often enough, they just might begin to get the message.


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