Monday, November 08, 2004

Yasser Arafat

The drama of Yasser Arafat goes on. Is he brain dead? In a coma? Just "sleeping," ready to be awakened at any time?

And why won't anyone say what's wrong with him? It simply can't be true that some of the best doctors in France don't know. The Arab conspiracy machine is already cranking up, speculating that Israel poisoned him. Seems to me there are two likely answers that are a lot more realistic.

He could have AIDS or some other distasteful disease. Or, more likely, they're trying to find out where those millions and millions of dollars he stole over the years are hidden. Apparently his high-living wife, Suha, doesn't even know where most of it is. If she pulls the plug on him before they find the money, it could be lost forever, or at least tied up in legal wranglings for years.

Here's an interesting article with details.

Frankly, I have a lot of difficulty feeling much sympathy for a corrupt terrorist. His successors won't be much better, of course. Even if they don't find Arafat's loot, the world will continue inundating the Palestinians with "aid" money, and their leaders will continue stealing a large part of it. The Palestinian people deserve better.


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