Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Depressing School Paper

This is supposedly a school paper written by a 17-year-old girl, according to the blog profile. Read it, and prepare to be depressed.


Blogger Kevin said...


The best I can figure that this would be a sick joke or I'm pulling my children out of public school ASAP.


9:37 PM, December 13, 2004  
Blogger Tom Carter said...

Reading other parts of the blog makes me think it might be real, but it's hard to tell. If you think about the language in the paper and the things said, it tracks with current concerns about the state of public education.

3:15 AM, December 14, 2004  
Blogger K.T.Dixon said...

You know, it hasn't been all that long since I myself was in High School (2000), and I don't remember anything like this paper being asked of me. I don't know what the assignment was supposed to be, but if these are the things this child sees in America, I fear that her future is quiet uncertain.

Thank you for the post, Sir.

Rebel Rouser....OUT!

8:03 AM, December 14, 2004  
Blogger Ayesha97 said...

be afraid... very afraid

1:36 PM, December 14, 2004  
Blogger Ms. Lori said...

Oh dear. I just vomited all over my computer screen.

That is a sad display, Tom, whether meant as a joke or not.

Yet more proof that our society is getting dumber by the minute.

1:47 PM, December 14, 2004  
Blogger Tom Carter said...

I went back and looked at the blog again in greater detail, to include all posts. I think it's real. The only question I have is whether the author is a 17-year-old girl or a 17-year-old boy who thinks he's gay. But, that would just make it worse.

1:51 PM, December 14, 2004  

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