Friday, January 28, 2005

Hillary Clinton Creeps to the Right

Wes Pruden, of the Washington Times, wrote today about Hillary Clinton's ongoing political transformation in the midst of continuing Democratic disarray:

The old bulls (and a superannuated heifer or two) occupied themselves this week by ganging up on the uppity colored girl from Alabama who doesn't understand that her proper place is one of eternal supplication for the largesse of liberals. They called her a liar, an ingrate and a deceiver, making pluperfect fools of themselves, while Hillary Clinton was showing everyone how she intends to seize Republican bread and conservative butter, stealing the Republican mantra of family, faith and freedom, even finally putting an end to the endless abortion war by winning it.

Hillary, in fact, is emerging as the bright light in a party of dim bulbs, a fading galaxy of has-beens reeking of halitosis and stale underwear. But for the reinvention of Mrs. Clinton, it was a week of Democratic public-relations hell. Thirteen of her Democratic colleagues in the Senate, including some of the party's most brittle icons, spent their days putting a face on the party that could take decades to erase: a gnarled old Ku Klux Klansman stumbling through a litany of lamentation for a day dead and gone, a puffy cut-and-run lady killer (so to speak) drowning (you might say) in nostalgia for what might have been, and the long-in-the-tooth prom queen, green eyes flashing with envy and rage, throwing tomatoes and eggs at Condi Rice and managing only to leave themselves exposed as pathetic jokes smeared with rotten yolks. Some Democrats tried to look away in embarrassment bordering on mortification. "If you feel Condoleezza Rice is not qualified to be secretary of state," Joe Lieberman told them in a voice burdened with rue and remorse, "then of course you must vote against her. But if you are — and I hate to use the word 'just' — but just upset about some of the things this administration has done in Iraq, but if you feel otherwise that what we are doing now is all we can do to make the situation better, then I appeal to you to vote for Dr. Rice." Most Democrats, including their leader, did just that, leaving the 13 soreheads seething in the shade of their own indifference to a very special moment in the nation's history.

...the Clintons, who know how to feel the public pulse as well as the public-opinion polls, have succeeded by staying far, far ahead of the dim bulbs. Hillary, a social-Gospel Methodist, knows the talk: "I, for one, respect those who believe with all their hearts and conscience that there are no circumstances under which any abortion should ever be available." This comes with breathtaking cynicism, of course; she wants to make abortion "never" but could not bring herself to ban partial-birth abortion, a procedure that gives Mafia hit men the willies. Hillary Clinton remains the most divisive figure in American politics. But she's also one of the smartest. We live in interesting times.

Those who are paying attention to Hillary have no doubt noticed that she's creeping steadily to the right. Apparently, she figures that no matter who the Republicans nominate in 2008, she'll be the only real choice available to liberals. That gives her plenty of room to maneuver toward conservatives, hoping to pick up some support from those who can't see through her opportunism. However, I think she's making a huge mistake common to Democrats of late. She seems to think that Republicans and conservatives in general have little intellect and no memory. I'd bet she's wrong, and if the Democrats make the mistake of nominating her in 2008, they'll be defeated yet again. How long is it going to take them to learn?


Blogger American On Line said...

Tom, the first three words of your post title has it correct.

7:33 PM, January 28, 2005  
Blogger USMC_Vet said...

Hello Tom. Just wanted to pop my head in here to disagree with you this one time.

Hillary Clinton is by no means creeping to the right, as you suggest. I know we usually tend to agree, but I have to say that you are way off the mark here. You can cite as many examples as you like (and Wes Pruden, too, for that matter), and you will still have me unconvinced and unwilling to join you in your views on Hillary Clinton and her supposed 'creep' to the right.

She is in a dead sprint.

Now that we have cleared that little choice of verbs out of the way...

I do not loathe Hillary Clinton for her Socialist designs on our government.

I do not loathe Hillary Clinton for her shrill screeds.

I do not loathe Hillary Clinton for her attempts to federalize eveything right down to my choice of briefs or boxers.

I loathe Hillery Clinton for her disingenuous posturing. The true Hillary Clinton was the initial Hillary Clinton trying to federalize the entire health care industry, hiding illegally obtained FBI files on her adversaries and destroying Billy Dale and the White House Travel Office with lies about kickbacks (lies proven by both FBI and IRS investigtions).

This took place within the first year of Bill Clinton's first term.

Everything since ahs been positioning, either to the left or to the right depending on her particular needs at the moment.

I do not want leaders who decide to agree with me (or disagree for that matter), I want leaders who naturally do (or do not) with confidence.

All else is manipulation and devoid of character, regardless of what is claimed to be supported, believed or desired.

I would not shake her hand nor smile at her if I were formally or informally introduced to the junior senator from New York (ooops, I mean 'for' New York...but then that's another manipulation tale for another day). I would not yesterday, today or tomorrow, and that is the honest truth.

The innaugural hoopla is not even cleaned from the streets yet and already she is campaigning, positioning, shifting and waffling.

In four years her failed bid will be held to scrutiny just as Kerry's is now. Once more, a socialist politician along with the formidable co-opted might of the American Press will be unable to persuade the majority of the public that the candidate is anything other than what the candidate is.

She is sprinting from herself. It's a race destined to failure for anyone...even the darling of the press.

11:44 PM, January 29, 2005  
Blogger Geoff said...

I have a hard time believing Hillary is going to be able to convince any conservative voter that she is a moderate.

10:15 PM, January 31, 2005  

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