Saturday, February 05, 2005

Red Cross Tsunami Relief

The American Red Cross has an excellent interactive map of the region hit by the tsunamis. You can click on each country for updated information and other links.


Blogger American On Line said...

If you think the money wasted by the UN is something, wait till you put your arms around what happens to the tsunami sized donated money for the tsunami losses. People with huge hearts around the world blindly gave money to strangers in hopes that the money goes to the object of their philanthropy. Dollars to donuts terrorists get their piece of the action.

10:35 AM, February 05, 2005  
Blogger Tom Carter said...

I have the same concern. When you think of all the parasites out there eager to fill their coffers with stolen relief money, it's hard to believe that some won't be successful. In addition to the usual suspects--terrorists, corrupt UN officials, unscrupulous contractors, etc--some of that money will undoubtedly fall through a multitude of miscellaneous cracks. It's often a daunting task for relief agencies and governmental aid organizations to account for and monitor the use of aid funds, and the scope of this disaster makes it almost impossible. And, I remember after 9/11, when it emerged that the American Red Cross unilaterally decided to spend some of the donated money it received specifically for 9/11 on other projects. Truth is, we'll never know where all that money goes.

11:14 AM, February 05, 2005  

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