Wednesday, April 06, 2005

The Soldier's Heart

There's an excellent post at Age Ventures, along with a link to a PBS Frontline program titled "The Soldier's Heart." The program discusses the psychological cost of combat borne by those who experience it. Please read the post and then follow the link to PBS Frontline.


Blogger Bill O. Writes said...

I saw "Soldier's Heart" on Frontline. Everytime I see the pictures of the fallen on "The Newshour" (PBS) it bothers me greatly, especially when I see their age. To know the survivors will have to go through PTSD pain is ... (I don't have the word). Fine young men have died, and suffered because of a few SOBs.


I was wanting to ask you if you knew of any websites that someone might send messages to the soldiers overseas. Even what would mean the most to them. An idea I had was to send pictures of all the "Support Our Troops" ribbons around town. The only website I have heard about is "" Everytime I go there, it is nothing but ads. I have a Blog for comments. Could you leave the info there.

2:23 PM, April 07, 2005  

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