Friday, July 15, 2005

Scooter Libby's Sources

The Washington Post reported today, as part of another story on Karl Rove:

Sources who have reviewed some of the testimony before the grand jury say there is significant evidence that reporters were in some cases alerting officials about Plame's identity and relationship to Wilson -- not the other way around.

I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby, Vice President Cheney's chief of staff, has also testified before the grand jury, saying he was alerted by someone in the media to Plame's identity, according to a source familiar with his account. Cooper has previously testified that he brought up the subject of Plame with Libby and that Libby responded that he had heard about her from someone else in the media, according to sources knowledgeable about Cooper's testimony.

More problems for the leftist wingnuts hysterically screaming for the head of Rove. Libby is another of their favorite bogeymen, and I'm sure they would love to go after him, too. I'm beginning to feel sorry for them--the frustration must be massive.

There really isn't much surprise in all this. Plame had been working at CIA headquarters openly for a number of years, and the fact of her employment was reportedly known to a lot of people, including the Wilsons' social friends. I'm sure even the laziest reporter could have figured it out. But let's just wait and see what the facts are. Maybe someone at the White House actually did something wrong.

Some readers who commented on the previous post referred to the case of former Clinton National Security Adviser Sandy Berger, who actually was caught red-handed stealing classified documents from the National Archives. There was no leftist outrage about it. Bill Clinton, when asked, chuckled and made some humorous comment about Berger. Senator Chuck Schumer, who apparently hadn't yet found his new concern for protecting classified information, made no outraged speeches in the Senate. Et cetera, ad nauseam.

Note that this story is also based in part on anonymous sources with access to secret grand jury information. Why isn't anyone worried about this kind of leaking, which is most likely criminal?


Blogger sygamel said...

As I've been very slow to accept the truth from any of the major players involved (Rove, Wilson, Novak, Miller etc.), I will take even testimony to the Grand Jury with a grain of salt. The consequences of perjury are many but they may not be larger than the damage to reputation any of these players might suffer if the truth were let out.

My suspicion is the journalists had a lot more to do with the leak than they're willing to let on.

1:34 PM, July 15, 2005  
Blogger gblagg said...

I think we know why...

7:00 PM, July 15, 2005  

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