Saturday, July 09, 2005

Torture and Death - Update

The AP reported today:

A purported Taliban spokesman said Saturday that the group has beheaded a missing American commando, but he offered no proof and the U.S. military said it was still searching for the Navy SEAL.

Mullah Latif Hakimi, the purported spokesman, said:

This morning in Shagal district in Kunar province, the Taliban killed the American soldier and cut his head off. We left the body on a mountainside in this area so Afghan or U.S. soldiers there can find it. ...

We have extracted very useful information as he was an important person. He gave us details about the American military strategy, their bases and future military plans.

The U.S. military says that information from Hakimi has proven to be exaggerated or untrue in the past.


According to a Washington Post report on July 11, the body of the missing Navy SEAL has been found. By all indications, he died as a result of combat action. According to a senior U.S. Army officer, "This individual was never in custody, he was never defamed or disgraced."


Blogger John Walter said...

I am consoled that the Navy Seal did not suffer the horrific end experienced by many people who are captured by terrorists. At the same time, death by torture and decapitation would not have meant being "defamed or disgraced". When terrorists commit torture and murder, they defame and disgrace themselves, not their victims.

11:10 AM, July 12, 2005  
Blogger Tom Carter said...

John, I agree with you completely. I think the Army Colonel who made that comment would agree, too, but he's forced to couch his comments to the press in words so vague as to ensure that no one is offended. That's too bad.

5:06 PM, July 12, 2005  

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