Tuesday, August 09, 2005

The Evil Genius

I've noticed that leftist conspiracy theorists have lightened up on Karl Rove recently. Could be they finally figured out that no one knows the facts yet about who mumbled what to whom regarding Mrs. Joseph Wilson's place of employment. Maybe they decided to hold their outrage in check until they know whether Rove did anything. I know, I know--that's not likely. But anything is possible.

I was beginning to miss my daily chuckle over leftie blog posts about The Evil Genius. So, I began looking for some that I may have missed. That's when I stumbled across a real gem from July 6 by Greg Gutfeld at The Huffington Post. Gutfeld posted a disturbing chronicle of the evil life and career of Rove. Samples:

Right from day one, Karl Rove cemented his link with the religious right, by being born on Dec 25, 1950, a day many on the right refer to as “Christmas," a celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ (an influential leader worshiped by the religious right.) It was no surprise that Dec 25, 1950 was ALSO the same EXACT day Communist forces recrossed the 38th parallel into South Korea. Clearly, Rove was already making an impact. ...

After an unremarkable stint in high school, Rove entered the University of Utah, which currently ranks FIFTH HIGHEST among the nation's campuses for drug-related arrests. Rove dropped out after a few years. What is more interesting: when you research other individuals who have dropped out of college, two names keep coming up.

Rush Limbaugh. Tucker Carlson.

Coincidence? ...

Rove continued to work for the Republican circles in very specific, but often vague, even mysterious posts. He was made conspicuous by his deliberate inconspicuousness. In 1979, he did some work on George H. W. Bush’s 1980 vice presidential bid. During Rove's involvement, there were EIGHT major plane crashes, including a Western Air Lines DC-10, which collided with a dumpster truck, killing 72 people in Mexico City at Benito Juarez Airport. One can only wonder what Rove was having for lunch. ...

Rove is now a Senior Advisor to the President and, no surprise, is at the center of yet another controversy. A reporter has accused Rove of being the source who leaked Valerie Plame's identity to a columnist. This accusation, oddly, was quickly followed in the news by an attack on Comet Tempel 1, hit by NASA's "copper bullet" from a nearby spacecraft. The reason the government gave for destroying the comet? "To create a crater for scientific study."

Right. We know better. Couldn’t the real reason for this senseless attack on an innocent piece of space refuse be to deflect attention away from Rove - and to focus it toward something else, high in the sky

At first I thought Gutfeld was writing tongue-in-check. But maybe not. Perhaps the reach of The Evil Genius really is unlimited. Read the whole post and decide for yourself.

Personally, I'm going to continue wearing my aluminum foil skull cap with the integrated coathanger antenna that I've been assured will protect me from The Evil Genius. I just hope it keeps working.


Blogger Amal said...

:) Are you sure that he is not writing tongue-in-cheek? LOL

10:26 PM, August 09, 2005  
Blogger Kevin said...

Too funny, needed a laugh this morning.

I would say that even if it was tongue-in-cheek, it is the quality of the left's arguments these days.

Great job, Tom.


12:10 AM, August 10, 2005  

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