Sunday, August 28, 2005

Joke of the Day - Aug 28

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Blogger Tom Carter said...

A man approached the window of the movie theater with a chicken on his shoulder and asked for two tickets. The girl at the counter wanted to know who was going in with him.

He replied, "Well, my pet chicken, of course!"

"I'm sorry," The girl told him. "We don't allow animals in the theater."

The man went around the corner and stuffed the chicken into his pants. He returned to the window, bought a ticket, and went in. Inside the theater, the chicken started to squirm, and the man unzipped his pants so the chicken could stick it's head out and watch the movie.

The man was seated next to two elderly women. The woman beside him looked over at his lap and was horrified. She elbowed her friend and whispered, "Myrtle, this man over here unzipped his pants and took his thing out!"

Myrtle whispered back, "Oh, don't worry about've seen one, you've seen them all."

Agnes says, "I know...but this one's eating my popcorn!"

10:31 AM, August 28, 2005  
Blogger Esther said...

OK, that made me LOL!!

10:09 PM, August 28, 2005  

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